A truly western Montana experience!

Enjoy a guided horseback trip along the easter border of Glacier National Park into the heart of Native American land. Native American guides will direct you along maintained trails of mountainous terrain. You will have an opportunity to observe wildlife at its wildest along with all the breathtaking beauty of the mountain front including sights of the famous Looking Glass. You’ll also view the Two Medicine River gorge with unbelievable scenery that has to be seen to be believed. And all that without the bother of vehicles and traffic!

Saddle up for some good ol’fashioned fun as you ride along the ridges and valleys of Glacier National Park.

Summer season:

telephone: 406-226-4408      fax: 406-226-4409

Off-season September 1 through May 30:

telephone: 406-338-5560      fax: 406-338-4588

Call for prices. Children under 7 years of age not allowed to ride; also no double riders.