BOXIES SANDWICHES ~ Boxies are perfect for day trips, hikes, boat rides, rafting, groups and much more. Each Boxie comes with our home-made chips, a hunk of Great Grandma's chocolate applesauce cake and one of our hand crafted deli sandwiches. Put all this into a schnazzy little box and you've got yourself a Boxie. We slow roast our meats, slice everything ourselves, make our own chips and sauces and put it all together with care.

Want to make a sandwich of your own design? Build a Boxie and get what your want.  Boxies are available for pick up or delivery for orders of 10 and over. A delivery charge may be added dependent on distance of the drive. Ordering the night before or even a week before for larger orders is the best way to make sure you Boxie is ready for the next day's adventures into Glacier Park, but don't hesitate to call if you get a hunckerin' for some Boxie around mid day.

Available for pick up. Please call ahead: 406-226-4482